LegacyClix News & Updates: Legendary One Month Upgrade

Try The New Legendary One Month Upgrade!


Legacyclix New Legendary Monthly  Upgrade

Introducing the newest upgrade option ‘Legacy Monthly’. This is for anyone that had been curious to upgrading to Legendary, but wasn’t so sure of spending for an entire year, so now you can get a taste of Legendary for a month!

You will have all the benefits of a Legendary upgrade, all for $5 a month, or after the month you have realized that you wanted to fully upgrade, is completely up to you to make that choice. So if you do upgrade for the month. It is your responsibility to extend the upgrade, for another month or a year, because at the end of your upgrade period, if you have over 100 direct or 100 rented referrals, you can lose them if you don’t renew the upgrade.

So What Are You Waiting For?

My suggesting to those that want to upgrade, as a standard member, if you have some rented referrals, even directs, that have an average of 10-15 and better, i would recommend upgrading, because if your referrals are daily clickers, it would be well worth your time upgrading and receiving 100% of all your referral clicks.

I wish everyone the best of luck on your final decision, me – as a Legendary member, am glad where i am today for making the right choice in upgrading and pushing forward and not looking back, because the fear of the unknown will keep you from succeeding.




Legacyclix|Legit PTC Site Quick Review

Hello everyone, i want to introduce you to the newest and latest Ptc site of the year Legacyclix.com

New PTC Site Is 100% Legit & Paying! Members are registered from all around the world, and everyone is joining. Very Active community, user friendly and you can get all the tips needed from the pros.


This wonderful site was just released to the world on December 4th. I have to say i haven’t seen such a site grab so much attention out of all the other ptcs in a long time. The proud owners are Marcus Wahl, Ken Locatelli & Rodney Hage,  in which they are highly known in the online industry.

They are Very well known as The Legacy Team, also are the creators of sites such as Ninja Hits, Legacy Hits, Social Adsurf and also the very popular Legacy Team Co-op & BrandMeTool.

Benefits of Becoming A Legacyclix Member

Here are some benefits to being a Standard Member & Legendary Member * & Legendary Plus Members.

Legcyclix New Upgrade

It is completely free to join Legacyclix, and you will never be charged to become a member.

As a member you:

  • Earn up to $0.02 per click
  • Earn up to $0.01 per referral click
  • Detailed stats of your referral clicks
  • Instant Payments
  • Payments made with Paypal

You can see the picture above, the difference between Standard members, Legendary & Plus members benefits.

The guys behind Legacyclix work every single day to improve the quality of their ptc so all members can have their say.

Advertising With Legacyclix

You’ll find this to be the best place to advertise since the high volume of traffic it is receiving. Everyone is in full throttle with Legacyclix and do not plan on stopping. When a group of internet leaders get together, new opportunities are made, especially from people you can trust to pay you.

Legacyclix has a variety of Advertisement plans for all of its members, such as:

Fixed PTC Advertisements, Paid To Click Ads, Paid To Signup Offers and Banner Ads.

Legacyclix Referrals

If there was one way to describe Legacyclix and the service they have is the quality provided throughout the whole time being as a signed up member. I gotta add that if you want to find a way to multiply your clicks, you have to look into your referrals. If you join during the early stages, like right now and you start renting some referrals, you will get some amazing result in a short amount of time. Now, when you rent out referrals, that means members that have signed with Legacyclix without a referral are real people that click as your rented referral. No auto clickers or bots at all, that completely violates the rules.

How much does it cost to get referrals?

It costs $2 to get 10 referrals. During the time being, there is a high demand on rental referrals, as a lot of people are signing up and members are constantly checking to purchase those same people that signed up, but rest assured you will be able to get a piece of the action, theres too much riding on this site and every one is in the action earning at all times.

Remember that in order for your rented referrals to clicks, you must also click ads when they appear for you. On average per person, normally about 60 ads show up for you to click, and then some extra along the day.

How many referral are you allowed?

This is a good question, as a standard member, you are allowed 100 direct referrals and 100 rented referrals. If you have upgraded as a legendary member, you have unlimited directs and unlimited rented referrals, most people want to upgrade so they don’t have limits. To upgrade your account it cost only $47.

What Is The Minimum Age To Register?

Fortunately for some, you are able to participate in Legacyclix if you are at least 16 years old. That means if you are attending school and don’t have a job just yet, you can dive in the world of ptc and get paid, like a real job! So if you are 16 and not capable of attaining a job in the real world, you gotta give this a try. Who knows, you might like this so much that you end up turning it into a real job. A lot of people start online learning so much, and tell themselves, they should have been doing this years ago. Well this is your chance to try out this great Ptc with the most trusted owners in all traffic exchanges in the world. These guys will undoubtedly pay you the amount you have earned with no hesitation, so you shouldn’t be concerned at all if they don’t. I recommend this site to all people of all ages, or at least until you turn sixteen.

Can My Family Also Sign Up?

Unfortunately, no they can’t only one user per house. You also can’t login from school, work or by proxy, Vpn etc. This is because, your IP is the same every time you sign in from the same computer you use, this is to avoid from people getting into your account from different locations, so Legacyclix takes precautions about this.

As An Advertiser

What kind of websites aren’t allowed to be advertised?

There are plenty of ways to do this incorrectly and these are the things your websites should NOT contain:

Malicious scripts or codes
A bunch of pop-ups

These are the 10 type of sites that are NOT allowed to be advertised:

  1. Gambling
  2. Hate or Violent Sites
  3. Drugs
  4. Selling Tobacco
  5. No Adult or Sex Oriented Sites
  6. Discrimination Acts
  7. Illegal Downloads/Warez
  8. Selling Weapons
  9. HYIP Websites
  10. Selling Medicine

In Addition To Joining

There is a high volume of people from all around joining, so i recommend you join as soon as possible . It’s always great to start when there’s something new in the beginning so you can have a head start, especially how much traffic Legacyclix receives. There are great people you can communicate with when ever you want to say a simple hello. The point is, in my personal and best opinion, this site is too good to let go, if you ever needed to earn online without a doubt you’ll get paid, this is the place you want to be.

In The End..

This is going to be the beginning of change, where you can get paid by the most trusted admins known by everyone. This will surely shape up the Ptc world. You can actually get in touch with the admin or moderators at the forums that are always active and happy to help you with all your questions.

You Can Join By Clicking Here or on the banner below